JUNE 10, 2024

That is the date we will begin taking orders again. With our new ERP system. And quite possibly our new B2B site.
That is also the date we will resume shipping. Shipping of products that we have in stock. See below about more on the way.


  1. We have issued purchase orders to resume our supply chain. Finished goods at the plant are underway, and new product orders are being placed.
  2. Hiring is moving fast. Start dates are going slow. It turns out good people are already working, and are working out notice periods with their current employers. A good sign of integrity on their part, and we absolutely overlooked this time delay in our planning.
  3. Trucks are rolling every day from Marietta GA to Kings Mountain NC. A lot of them. We are burning up Interstate 85. Again not quite as fast as we had wanted, but it is getting done.
  4. Sales teams are being assembled to be your direct contacts with Tru-Spec. Sales team training is focused on how to support our dealers and distributors and not compete with them. We will call on end users, but never bid or sell directly to them.


We are getting there. Stick with us. You will be glad when you deal with the new Tru-Spec. As we said before, the next six to nine months will be painful. On all of us. But after that?!?! We should be in great shape. More inventory of the core products. Easier systems to push it out the door as soon as you need it. At that point you will be glad you stuck with a brand that is here solely to support your efforts.