MONDAY JUNE 24, 2024

Everything is moving in the right direction, but with a few challenges.  Finding and setting up all the inventory is painful, but we are moving under the mantra of do it once, do it right.  We are entering orders via email, and shipping out the ones we can get complete as we uncover inventory.

B2B site is close, be looking for an email with login instructions later this week.  The site will have products and inventory information, but no images at this time.

Please send the email address you would like us to contact with login info to

[email protected]

The demand has been incredible, as has your patience.  Actually getting a few orders out the door within thirty days was a moral victory, but mostly for those who received them.  Stay patient, we are working to be your partner in record time.  Purchase orders have been placed for additional inventory to start landing later this fall.  And not just needed for backorders, but for future projections also.

Remember, it will be a painful six months, but by this time next year we will be rolling together.  As Partners.  Not as Competitors.

The Tru-Spec Team